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Carolyn Mahon is a member in good standing with the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council.

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Labour Market Opinion

A Labour Market Opinion is an application that is submitted to Service Canada by an employer who wishes to hire a Foreign Worker. Some jobs are exempt from requiring a Labour Market Opinion but most jobs will require one.

In most cases, foreign workers must have a valid work permit to work in Canada and before the worker can apply to Immigration for the work permit, the employer must apply to Service Canada for a Labour Market Opinion.

Before confirming a job offer, Service Canada considers several things, including whether the job offer is genuine; that the wages and working conditions are comparable to those offered to Canadians; that the employer has conducted reasonable efforts to hire or train Canadians for the job; whether the foreign worker is filling a labour shortage; whether the employment of the foreign worker will directly create new job opportunities or help retain jobs for Canadians; whether the foreign worker will transfer new skills and knowledge to Canadians; and that the hiring of the foreign worker will not affect a labour disputes or the employment of any Canadian worker involved in such a dispute.

If Service Canada is satisfied that the above requirements are being met then an approval of the job offer is made and a Labour Market Opinion confirmation Letter is sent to the employer and, if applicable, electronically sent to the appropriate Canadian Embassy or Visa Post abroad.

If the Foreign Worker is visa exempt then they can present a copy of the approved Labour Market Opinion to Canada Immigration at a port of entry. Next CIC decides whether the foreign worker will get a work permit according to the requirements to work and reside temporarily in Canada.

Getting a Labour Market Opinion is a complex process and Canada Welcomes You has many years of experience in dealing with Service Canada and the LMO process. Please let us help you by contacting us with the details of your request.