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Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council
Carolyn Mahon is a member in good standing with the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council.

Disclaimer: the information included on this website is intended to be of a general nature and does not constitute legal advice.

Our Services

Canada Welcomes You offers a wide range of Canadian Immigration services. Whether you want to visit, work or live in Canada, we can help. In fact, consider Canada Welcomes You as the last stop you will need to make on your Quest to move to Canada.

Carolyn Mahon, founder of Canada Welcomes You , helps people from all over the world in their quest to come to Canada.. Carolyn is a Certified Canadian Immigration Consultant who will represent you throughout the entire process of obtaining a Permanent Resident Visa or Temporary Visa for Canada.

Get Started

Please browse our website. It is filled with helpful information and resources about Canada. Then fill out one of our free assessments. Canada Welcomes You will let you know what categories you may qualify under and specific options available to you. Canada Welcomes You will tell you honestly what your chances of success are. Click here, to fill out one of our free assessments.

Before Retaining Us

We offer you a variety of alternatives to get the information you need:

  • We will provide you with a personalized assessment based on filling out one of our free assessments
  • If you have specific questions please fill out our contact form and we will email you with answers to your query.
  • If you have general questions about our services and wish to speak to one of our friendly associates you may telephone Canada Welcomes You at +1-905-549-8452 or toll free within North America at 1-866-41CANADA or 1-866-412-2623.
  • If you wish an in office consultation with Carolyn Mahon please telephone or email to set up an appointment.
  • If you are not able to attend our office in person, Carolyn Mahon is available for a personalized telephone conversation of up to 30 minutes during which she will answer any specific questions you may have. The cost of the telephone conversation is $60.00 CAD. Please fill out our Telephone Contact Form to set up your personalized appointment.

After Retaining Us

  • We will advise, guide and represent you throughout your entire Immigration processing.
  • We will determine the best category for you to apply under to enter Canada permanently or temporarily
  • We will prepare, analyze and submit your application
  • We will represent you throughout your entire Immigration processing
  • We will communicate with Canada Immigration on your behalf
  • We will advise and prepare you for any interviews with Canadian Immigration Officials if this becomes necessary
  • We will track the progress of your application and provide you with updated information throughout the processing of your application until you receive your specific visa
  • After your arrival in Canada we will advise you of your residency obligations to maintain permanent residence in Canada
  • We will advise you of the benefits of Canadian Citizenship and let you know when you will be eligible to apply
  • We can provide assistance with general information about working and living in Canada
  • We can assist you with buying a home in Canada, whether you arrive as a temporary or permanent resident of Canada. Carolyn Mahon is a licensed Mortgage Agent and can assist clients in all aspects of mortgages and financing. Fill out the following mortgage form if interested in further information.