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Working in Canada

Canada welcomes close to 100,000 foreign workers every year who come to work in jobs that help Canadian employers address skill shortages.

Canadian citizens and Canadian Permanent Residents have the right to work in Canada. As a general rule, most other individuals require a Canadian Work Permit, issued by a Canadian immigration official, before beginning to work in Canada.

Whether you are looking for a temporary or permanent job in Canada, or you are a Canadian employer seeking workers from abroad to meet your employment needs, Canada Welcomes You will provide you with our expertise and advice to help accomplish your goals.

For most jobs in Canada a foreign national will need a work permit. Usually the first step is a job offer from a Canadian employer. Then a positive Labour Market Opinion (LMO) letter issued by Human Resources and Social Development Canada (HRSDC) is required showing that the proposed job will not adversely affect Canadian workers. After that Canada Immigration will issue a work permit to the foreign national and they can then come forward to Canada to take up employment with their specific employer.

Although work permits are temporary in nature, they can be extended from within Canada and can be a great mechanism to become a permanent residence more quickly.

In some cases, work permits that are not employer specific can be issued and are called "Open" Work Permits.

Currently there is a severe shortage of workers in certain occupations in Canada. To help alleviate these shortages several expedited programmes have been initiated in several provinces in Canada. The advantage to you and employers experiencing these shortages are a Fast-Track method into Canada.

If you have been offered employment in Canada we can assist you through the various steps to get a work permit which can be confusing and time consuming.

Look at the occupations and if your job is listed on the "under pressure" list please contact Canada Welcomes You so we can assess if you would qualify to come to Canada under the various programmes available if your occupation is in demand in Canada.

Canada Welcomes You will give you a Free Assessment of your eligibility to work in Canada.